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Cecil Kennedy
Arrangement with Hellebores
Eugenio E Zampighi
The Duet
Philip Richard Morris
The Cradle and the Canopy
Arthur Wardle
Midnight Prowlers
John Emms
The Red Squirrel
John Emms
The Labourer's Rest
James Clarke Hook
The Acre by the Sea
James Clarke Hook
Breton Fishermen's Wives
Allan James Hook
On the Coast of Devon
Tom Lloyd
Ned and Sam
Georges Jean-Marie Haquette
Fishermen putting out to Sea
Walter Stuart Lloyd
Aylesford, Kent
Fred Hall
Henry Morley
Bannockburn, 1915
Thomas B. Meteyard
Mrs Meteyard in Henry James' garden, Rye, Sussex
Clewin Harcourt
The Window Seat, 1912
Louis Bourgeois-Borgex
Matin - Vue de Lyon
Louis Bourgeois-Borgex
Apres midi - Vue de Lyon
Francois Gall
Figures on the Promenade
Colette Bouvard
Early Morning Sun, Venice
Neil Cawthorne
(born 1936)
Canal Turn, The Grand National
Michael D'Aguilar
Foot Guards Marching

Michael D'Aguilar
Chelsea Reach under snow

Donald McIntyre
"Light" - Anglesey Bay
Hugh Boycott Brown
Square Rigger returning to Harbour
Hugh Boycott Brown
Amsterdam Festival
Francis Russell Flint
Early morning working on the nets
Julian Barrow
Sunset over Belgrave Square
D'Oyly John
Beaulieu, South of France
D'Oyly John
Cannes, South of France
Cecil Hay
(British, 1899-1974)
A Collection of Lustreware
James Noble
(British, 1919-1989)
Flowers, a pair of oils
Charles Spencelayh
The Camellia and the Fly
Modern British, c 1953
George Walker, the Boxer

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